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At Alki, our Sport Manager plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports, driving our organization towards new heights of success and empowering our athletes to shine both on and off the field. We are proud to have such an exceptional individual at the helm, driving our sports endeavors with passion, integrity, and boundless enthusiasm.

First Working Prosses

Experienced Sports Manager adept at leading teams, organizing events, and fostering athlete development. Passionate about promoting.

Dedicate Team

Dedicated Team Manager skilled in leading and motivating teams to achieve excellence. Committed to fostering a cohesive and high-performing environment for success.

24/7 Hours Support

Experienced 24/7 Support Manager adept at providing round-the-clock assistance to customers. Committed to delivering prompt and reliable.


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We will be the only people that will bring you hope on your skills to getting better 


An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Our Team is the driving force behind the success of our sports programs, teams, and athletes. They possess a unique blend of leadership, strategic thinking, and a profound understanding of the sports industry. With years of experience in managing and coordinating sports events and activities, they are adept at handling various challenges that come their way.


From overseeing team selections, training regimens, and match scheduling to maintaining strong relationships with athletes, coaches, and stakeholders, our Sport Manager ensures that every aspect of our sports organization runs seamlessly. They possess exceptional communication skills, fostering an environment of motivation, unity, and sportsmanship among our athletes.